Welcome to the privacy request page for the dtx company, operator of Flowcode and Flowpage. California residents can make requests here under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), such as to exercise their right to opt out of what the CCPA calls a “sale” of personal information.

Some of our collection of data happens through cookies and other automated technologies, such as when you scan one of our Flowcodes. That data is tied to a specific browser. This privacy request page automatically checks to see if we have that sort of data for the browser that you use to submit this form. If so, we will take that data into account when responding to your request. To make a privacy request relating to data collected through cookies and other automated technologies in a different browser, use that browser to visit and submit this form from that browser as well.

If you’d like your do-not-sell request to include personal information that we collect via cookies and similar technology, then please click the Cookie Preferences link in the footer below, switch all of the optional categories off, and click Confirm My Choices. Please repeat this process from each each browser you use to visit our site or QR code-linked sites.

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We will use this email address to search for data associated with your email address and to deliver a response to your request. If you believe we have more than one email address on file for you, please submit this form separately for each email address, as we may not have linked our records of the two addresses. In some cases, we may request additional verification of your identity.

If you are an agent and would like to submitting a request on behalf of a consumer, you must enter their email address above and upload below a copy of the power of attorney (or other legally sufficient proof of your authority to act on behalf of the individual). For verification purposes, they will need to visit this page themselves if their request pertains to data that we have collected through cookies and other automated technologies.